Canine Behaviour Training Technician, OCN Level 4, AniEd

Canine Training Instructor, OCN Level 3, AniEd

Certificate in Canine First Aid, MJ First Aid

Advanced Diploma in Dog Grooming Theory & Practical, Creedons College

WorkShops Attended 

2 Day Carer as a Dog Trainer, IMDT, February 2018

4 Day Practical Dog Training Course, IMDT, July 2017

Impulse Control Seminar, IMDT, July 2017

Crazy to Calm Series, AniEd, January/February 2017

Canine Husbandry, Chirag Patel, November 2016

Canine Fear & Aggression, Chirag Patel, November 2016

Click Training, Helen Zulch, April 2016

The Relationship Between Canine Health and Behaviour, Helen Zulch, April 2016

Teaching Puppies Workshop, Anied, May 2015

Practical Training Skills Workshop, Helen Zulch, March 2015

Skills Sessions, AniEd, September – December 2015

Living and Learning with Animals, Susan Freedman, May 2014