About Us


My obsession with canine behaviour and training began with I added a second dog (Buddy) to join Pip in our home. Little did I know that with 2 dogs came 4 times the work!!! After attending some dog training classes I quickly came to realise that dog training was more than just a hobby for me and was something that I wanted to spend my future doing. I have spent the last 3 years studying canine behaviour and regularly attend seminars and workshops to keep myself up to date with the latest developments in the field, see list here. While I was studying I worked as a dog walker and groomer and have worked with all breeds of dogs, big and small!! When we made the move to London in June, more on that below, I added 1-2-1 sessions and puppy pre school. All of my sessions are based on building the relationship between the owner and dog and giving them the tools to live a long, healthy and happy life together.

“So there we were enjoying a delicious serving of prime cut kibble on a sunny Friday afternoon in a leafy suburb in Dublin, when mammy came in tell us that we were going to London. We thought that sounds like a fancy new park, sure as long as we have our tennis balls we’ll be happy! The next morning we woke up very early and watched Mammy & Daddy pack all of our favourites things, and some of theirs, into the car and off we went!!! After a short car journey we check in at a very fancy hotel boat, we were even asked for ID on the way in, and set sail for London. We can’t tell you too much about the journey as our heads and mouths were deep in a GIANT Kong for most of it but  needless to say we made it and were super excited about this new park- aka London- that we were on the way too. After a long car journey, with plenty of pee and poo stops for us, and coffee and donuts stops for Mammy & Daddy we have arrived.  We were exhausted after all the traveling so we slept all night long, dreaming of parks, tennis balls, food, kongs, tennis balls, kongs. The next morning when Mammy and Daddy came down the stairs we knew that the time was here, we were going to the park! It was nothing like the parks at home, these were dedicated dog parks where all the doggies could mix and play ball in a secure area, no more escaping for us!!  The other dogs laughed at our funny accents but we felt like we were at home. We really like this London place, we think we’re going to like it here”

Pip & Buddy